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Should you use loan or lend Merriam-Webster
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use of lend vs loan
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loan vs lend usage : Traditionally, loan is a noun and lend is a verb.While a minority of writers still observe this distinction, loan is now well established as a verb and probably isn’t going to go away.English reference books tend to cite this use of loan as primarily North American.While this was once the case, the verb loan now appears everywhere. To loan someone money and to lend someone money are ...Usage Notes Loan vs. Lend 'Loan' has been a verb in English for 700 years. So why are people still complaining about it? If your local bank approves you for a loan, then are they loaning you money or lending you money? Much ink has been spilled over whether you can use loan as a verb.My advice: don't be bothered by loan as a verb but, if you want to avoid irritating those who have this hangup, it's never wrong to use lend." (Jack Lynch, The English Language: A User's Guide, Focus, 2008) "The verb loan is well established in American usage and cannot beLend vs. Loan: Key Differences. The confusion between these two words is whether or not loan can be used as a verb.. In strict usage, loan is the noun, and lend is the verb. In other words, I apply for a loan from a bank. The bank then lends me the money.. Style guides differ on whether or not loan can be used as a verb.. Garner’s Modern American English and The Chicago Manual of Style state ...Today’s topic is the difference between the words loan and lend.. Bonnie Trenga, who wrote this week's show, writes, Traditionally, lend is the verb and loan is the noun. I'll have a memory trick for you at the end.The Bottom Line. Borrow means "to take (temporarily)," while lend and loan mean "to give (temporarily)." If you continue to have trouble with this, try substituting "take" for borrow and "give" for lend or loan – the correct word will immediately be clear. You can only borrow something from someone: "Loan (or lend) me a pen" is correct, "Borrow me a pen" is not.Spelling Book > Confusing words index > lend vs. loan. Confusing Words. VS. Lend Definition: bestow a quality on or give something to someone with the expectation of getting it back (often money) Examples: Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company or Please lend me some money. VS.While lend is used as a verb and loan is used as a noun traditionally, many writers have been using the word loan as a verb and this has spread globally, particularly in the US. This post will focus on the traditional difference between the two words and will try to help bring back the distinction. The term lend is used as a verb which means “to grant to someone the use of something on the ...Loan vs. Lend: Usage Guide. The verb loan is one of the words English settlers brought to America and continued to use after it had died out in Britain. Its use was soon noticed by British visitors and somewhat later by the New England literati, who considered it a bit provincial. It was flatly declared wrong in 1870 by a popular commentator, who based his objection on etymology.Borrow vs. Loan and Lend. Sometimes in casual speech the words loan and lend are confused with the word borrow. For example, someone might ask, “Can you borrow me some money for a few days?” This is a non-standard way to use borrow.
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