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rome and romania roman : Some modern historians, e.g. Peter Brown or A.H.M. Jones, tie together "Roman" and "Byzantine" time, as something like a new discipline emerges around "Late Antiquity"; but a general sense of the continuity of the history has not caught on, and neither Brown nor Jones produced a continuous narrative of Rome and Romania.Roman is located in north-eastern Romania, in Neamț County, in the historic region of Moldavia, at the mouth of the Moldova River, a tributary to the Siret.The nearest large city is Bacău, 40 km away on DN2 and on the Suceava-Bucharest railway; Piatra Neamț, the county capital, is 50 km away and Iași, the historic capital of Moldavia, is 80 km away.The Daco-Roman mixing became widely accepted in the Romanian historiography around 1800. This view is advocated by the Greek-origin historians Dimitrie Philippide (in his 1816 work History of Romania) and Dionisie Fotino, who wrote History of Dacia (1818)."Decadence, Rome and Romania, the Emperors Who Weren't, etc.," Note 6; Cities of Rome v. Constantinople. A good example of a preoccupation with the City of Rome, rather than the Empire, was a recent (3 December 2005) History Channel treatment of Roman history in relation to Roman architecture ("Rome: Engineering an Empire").I am a Filipino and I will travel to Germany for 2 weeks for training. I will apply for Schengen Visa. On the weekend, I am planning to go to Rome using the Schengen visa that I have. Is this applicable? Some other sites mentioned that Romania is not part of Schengen visa, is Rome and Romania different?Discussion of the period covered by this page may be found in "Decadence, Rome and Romania, the Emperors Who Weren't, and Other Reflections on Roman History". This page is continued and supplemented by the material in "Successors of Rome: Germania, Francia, & Russia, 395-1945" and "Rivals to Rome, and The Ottoman Sultâns".What is the relation between Rome and Romania? (self.AskHistorians) submitted 3 years ago by SamuraiRake. I know the people of Romania are ethnically distinct from Romans, Romani and Slavs, but where did the people of Romania come from and what is their relation to Rome and other Latin ethnic identities as a whole? ... Roman/Latin settlement of ...*Roman* of, pertaining to, or characteristic of (ancient) Rome [1].Roman alphabet the alphabet used for writing Latin, English, and most European languages, developed in ancient Rome.Roman Britain [2] Britain during the period ad 43–410, when most of Britain [3] was part of the Roman Empire [4]Romania is an European country. Rome (Roma in Italian) is the capital of Italy; but it is interesting to know that a village with the name Roma also exist in Romania. ... The modern Roman is ...
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