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Land law ii (lien) as at mac 2013
Land law ii lien as at mac 2013
Do second liens stay current when first liens default?
Do second liens stay current when first liens default
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what is a first lien loan : Definition of first lien debt: The highest priority debt in the case of default. If a property or other type of collateral is used to back a debt, first...1. The first lien to be recorded is paid first, and so on in the order of recordation. 2. A statutory lien, such as a mechanics' and materialmen's lien, may be given artificial priority even though recorded after another lien. 3. Lien priority may be reshuffled if a debtor files for bankruptcy. The rules are too complex to examine here. 4.Lien. A right given to another by the owner of property to secure a debt, or one created by law in favor of certain creditors. A lien is an encumbrance on one person's property to secure a debt the property owner owes to another person.A first lien is the first to be paid when a borrower defaults and the property or asset was used as collateral for the debt. A first lien is paid before all other liens. A bank that holds the ...A first-lien home equity line of credit, or first-lien HELOC, is a financial tool that combines the benefits of a first mortgage with the flexibility of a checking account to access your home equity. Learn all about first-liens and other equity options!A first mortgage is the primary lien on the property that secures the mortgage. A first mortgage is the primary loan that pays for the property and it has priority over all other liens or claims ...A lien is a legal right granted by the owner of property, by a law or otherwise acquired by a creditor. A lien serves to guarantee an underlying obligation, such as the repayment of a loan.A first lien is a primary, or original, lien executed against a specific property or income. Liens are legal instruments that essentially give one party the right to possess or hold another’s property in anticipation of the settlement of a debt. Mortgages are very common examples of liens. In most cases, the first lien is held by the original lender.first lien—a lien that takes priority over all other encumbrances over the same property. floating lien (United States)—a lien that is expanded to cover any additional property that is acquired by the lienee while the debt is outstanding (in common-law countries, see Floating charge).Although the second lien loan's security interest is subordinated to the first lien loan's interest in the pledged assets of the company, the ranking of first lien and second lien loans are the same in the event the pledged assets are not sufficient to satisfy the outstanding borrowings.
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